Handcrafted Holiday Gift Basket Ideas

3 Steps to a Handcrafted Holiday Gift Basket


Holiday shopping is a mixed bag of excitement and chaos. From close friends, to distant family and beloved coworkers, the list grows long and weary.   As you pour over the aisles with your best friends and a traveler of …

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Easy Bread Recipes

Two Irresistibly Easy Bread Recipes to Warm Your Home


  Chase away the cold weather woes this weekend with ease. A little simplicity is key and warmly welcomed for a peaceful and relaxed Sunday afternoon. Sit back and unwind, knowing the irresistible aroma will dance out of the oven …

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Vanilla Chai Latte

A Warm Vanilla Chai Candle to Spark Your Soul


  We don’t know about you, but we’ve spent the last few cool days curled up in a worn armchair, cat in lap, mug in hand, daydreaming about our favorite thing: Vanilla Chai. Let the comforting flavor of vanilla take …

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Things to Do in the Fall with Chai

5 Loves of Autumn – Things to Do in the Fall


As the summer starts winding down, the thought of autumn colors and crisp cool morning air reminds you of the warm fuzzies brought on by good food, loving family and warm chai. A new autumn is just around the bend …

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