Functional Flavors Perfectly Paired with Tea


You already know about the benefits of chai. For instance, the black tea in chai is known to help with digestive health and high cholesterol. Ginger provides energy and immune support. But what about other types of tea besides chai? Or other functional ingredients? We take a look at the growing trend of functional flavors like turmeric, matcha and Thai tea.

chai lattes with functional flavors

Functional Flavors: Turmeric

With warm notes of spice, black pepper and an earthy aroma, turmeric has made its way to superstar status as a flavorful and functional ingredient. Turmeric is known to support bone and joint health, digestive health and brain health. Turmeric is typically added to beverages in such as kombucha and cold-pressed juice. We love the idea of mixing the earthy, spicy notes of turmeric with the brisk and bold flavors of black tea!

Functional Flavors: Matcha

Matcha means “powdered tea,” and matcha powder comes from green tea leaves. Not only does it taste great, but it’s loaded with functional benefits. Green tea provides support for mood management, energy and metabolism. The smooth sweetness and slight earthiness of matcha brings out the green tea flavor in every sip. While you can enjoy matcha powder simply whisked with water, matcha can also be paired with milk for a matcha latte or you can add honey for a sweeter note.

Functional Flavors: Thai Tea

Maybe you’re familiar with Thai tea – its distinct flavor and orange hue are hard to miss. But did you know Thai tea provides functional ingredients? Thai tea is made with black tea which is filled with antioxidants, which can help support heart health. Black tea also contains caffeine which can boost your metabolism. We love the idea of taking the flavors of Thai black tea and preparing it with sweetened condensed milk over ice – a classic way to drink Thai tea.

All of these functional flavors pair well with traditional chai tea, perfect for a bit of “me time.” For more chai inspiration, join us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

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