Thai Tea Concentrate


As part of our new tea latte flavors, learn more about our Thai tea concentrate.

Consumers are seeking out beverages that not only taste good, but can also provide them with functional benefits. Different types of tea have always been known to have various perceived health benefits like energy, mood management and digestive support. At Oregon Chai, we’ve launched three new flavors of tea latte concentrates to meet consumer demand for added functionality. Our Thai tea latte concentrate fits right in.thai tea latte concentrate

The Taste of Thai Tea

Thai tea’s bright orange color and sweet taste makes it stand apart from other types of tea. Traditional Thai tea combines the taste of spices like tamarind, cardamom and star anise with sweetened condensed milk (or a combination of condensed milk and regular milk) and black tea. The results are a smooth and creamy tea that’s perfect to pair with spicy dishes, desserts and more.

Thai Tea’s Popularity

Thai tea has grown 11.1% over the past four years, according to Datassential 2020. We’re seeing Thai tea in ice cream, desserts and cocktails across retail and foodservice menus. The creamy consistency and regionally-inspired spices pair well with a variety of food and beverages.

Functional Benefits of Thai Tea

We make our Thai tea concentrate with organic black tea, which contains antioxidants and caffeine. Black tea is known to help support focus and energy, which you’ll find with our Thai tea. Products like our Thai tea concentrate make it easier for consumers to get the functional benefits they want. Simply mix our concentrate with equal parts milk or dairy substitute to create a creamy, irresistible Thai tea latte.

Look for our new tea latte flavors at retailers, coming soon! Use our Chai Nearby tool to find more Oregon Chai products near you.

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