Are You Ready for Ready-to-Drink Chai Tea Lattes?


Ready-to-Drink Oregon Chai Tea Lattes


You asked, and we answered! We are delighted to announce our two new Ready-to-Drink Chai Tea Lattes! Life moves fast and now you can take your Me Time Moment with you! Available in The Original™ and Spiced flavors, they are formulated with the cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, clove, black tea and honey you love in our concentrates. But this time we added the milk so you don’t have to! Just shake, open and enjoy.  Here are a few reasons to love our new chai tea lattes:

They’re Organic & Non-GMO

Ready-to-Drink Chai Tea Lattes

Just like many of our concentrates, our Ready-to-Drink Chai Tea Lattes are Certified Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified! Along with the organic black tea, honey, spices and vanilla, we added in organic whole milk for a smooth and creamy treat that’s always at your fingertips.


Take Them Anywhere

Chai Tea Latte in Mom Bag

Perfectly portioned in 11-ounce bottles, our two chai tea lattes are the ideal size to throw in your purse, backpack or workout bag to take with you on the go. These drinks are shelf stable – so as long as it hasn’t been opened yet you can enjoy at any temperature. Once opened, make sure to store in the fridge. But who are we kidding? It’s impossible not to down it all in one sitting.

Enjoy Chilled or Hot

Pouring Spiced Ready-to-Drink Chai Tea Latte

Store in the fridge to enjoy chilled – just shake it up, open and sip straight from the bottle whenever and wherever. Or treat yourself and pour it into a glass over ice for a refreshing moment by the pool or on your patio. For the chai traditionalist, you can pour ready-to-drink chai into a mug and heat for a cozy treat.

So… Where Do You Buy Them?

Pick up a 4-pack at your local Walmart or throw it in your cart on Amazon. We are working on increasing distribution so keep an eye out at your local retailer as these products hit the shelves!


  1. Maryanne venitucci | 

    love your other products and cant wait to try these…do you have any coupons for them///please

  2. Diana B | 

    We love your other chai teas. Fingers crossed that these are tasty and you’ve got the recipe right!!

  3. Carol Griffin | 

    Very good

  4. Kelly | 

    Hi! Are these available in a non-dairy or vegan version? Lots of customers who are lactose intolerant. Thanks! 🙂


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