Introducing New Tea Latte Flavors


Explore the new tea latte flavors joining the Oregon Chai family.

Consumers are looking for more functional ingredients in their everyday food and beverages. That’s why we’re adding three new tea latte flavors to our portfolio: the turmeric tea latte, the matcha latte and the Thai tea latte. Explore the flavors and potential added functionality of each product.

Turmeric Tea Lattenew tea latte flavors

Our turmeric tea latte is made with freshly ground turmeric, ginger, allspice, lemongrass and spices for the perfect blend – proving that wholesome can taste awesome. You can combine our easy-to-use Oregon Chai Turmeric Latte Concentrate with your favorite milk or dairy alternative for creamy, perfectly spiced turmeric latte.

Made with turmeric and ginger, our turmeric latte concentrate may help reduce inflammation and soothe digestion.

Matcha Latte

Turn every cup of Matcha into a break from reali-tea. We make our Matcha latte with the invigorating infusion of green teas, Matcha, and cane sugar. Combine our matcha green tea concentrate with milk or your favorite dairy alternative to create the perfect iced or hot matcha tea latte.

Made with green tea, our matcha latte concentrate may help boost energy and concentration.

Thai Tea Latte

Our Thai Tea starts with organic black tea, then we add Thai spices and natural sweetness. Combine our Thai tea concentrate with your favorite dairy or alternative dairy for an irresistible, creamy Thai tea latte. Or even use sweetened condensed milk for an extra sweet, creamy treat.

Black tea is contains antioxidants and caffeine. We make our Thai tea with black tea, which may help increase focus and energy.

Look for our new tea latte flavors at retailers, coming soon! Use our Chai Nearby tool to find more Oregon Chai products near you.

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