30 Things to Put on Your Summer Bucket List


Summer Bucket List

The scent of freshly mown grass, the sound of splashing in the pool and the taste of seasonal berries—summer is in full swing. Make the most your sun-filled days with a summer bucket list.


  1. Host an ice cream social for your neighbors
  2. Break a Guinness World Record, like longest unicycle chain
  3. Organize a block party and serve Chai Lemonade
  4. Pick up a new hobby, like wood carving
  5. Watch the sunrise with a warm mug of chai
  6. Make a sidewalk chalk creation
  7. Play your favorite childhood games, like capture the flag
  8. Go on a road trip [link to road trip blog post]
  9. Go to a water park and ride the scariest slide
  10. Build a sand castle
  11. Do some DIY decorating
  12. Make a fort for movie marathons
  13. See your favorite band live in concert
  14. Donate any clothes you haven’t worn in a year to charity
  15. Pick strawberries and turn them into a delicious pie
  16. Learn how to play an instrument
  17. Enter a hot dog–eating contest
  18. Practice the art of doing nothing
  19. Go to a carnival and ride the teacups
  20. Send someone a care package
  21. Have a bonfire in your backyard
  22. Go to a drive-in movie theater
  23. Bake something new every week
  24. Skip the mall and go thrift shopping
  25. Stargaze on a camping trip
  26. Make your own bread
  27. Eat at a five-star restaurant
  28. Read a whole book in one day
  29. Have an underwater tea party in the pool
  30. Bury a time capsule


Looking for more warm weather inspiration? Check out our Summer Reading List for the best books to read poolside.

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