7 Holiday Stress Tips to Keep Calm



 Holiday Stress Tips to Keep Calm


As lovely and joyous as the holiday season can be, it comes with plenty of ups and downs, highs and lows, stresses and hefty to-do lists. A full mug and a Me Time moment has never been more important than throughout the holidays.


Take a moment for yourself with a deep breath and a warm mug of chai. No matter the source of your holiday stress, we’ve got a few tips to keep you calm amidst chaos.


  1. Let the sun shine. Take a moment to sit near the windowsill and bask in the warm glow. Even on a dreary day, a phototherapy light box can give you the same boost of warmth. And if you’re feeling adventurous, fill your travel mug to the top and enjoy a healthy dose of sunlight from outdoors.
  2. A brisk walk to the beat. Pocket your music player and set the playlist to fit your mood. Take the time to look around you and appreciate your surroundings from all the senses. Even the rhythm of a silent walk will help you shake off holiday stress.
  3. A healthy helping of humor. What makes you laugh? Not a chuckle, but a deep laugh that permeates the soul. Keep those things close, and turn to it often for a burst of happiness to distract from the to-do list. Even simply smiling ear to ear for no good reason will boost your mood.
  4. Write everything down, and then rid your list of the nonessentials. You’ve got a lot going on over the holidays, from gift giving to party planning, hearty meals to home décor. Write it all out. When you’re done, take a look at everything that you could go without this year. Even when you clear your list of the clutter…
  5. Do one thing at a time. A mug of Energía for focus, and you can sift out the stress to complete one to-do at a time. If you cleared your list a bit, you’ve opened up a spot to do some of the things you want to do. Add a few things to the list, like taking a walk, laughing or finding sunlight for starters.
  6. Surround yourself with citrus. A fresh, chilled lemonade isn’t just for lounging on the patio during summer. Indulge in a Chai Lemonade Spritzer to boost your mood and your senses. Don’t forget to breathe deep with each sip.
  7. Make time for Me Time. Spend the time reflecting on all you’re thankful for. Hang onto an optimistic outlook by surrounding yourself with thoughts about all that keeps you going every day. Appreciate even the smallest of things, from your furry friends to a cozy blanket. Even the smallest sips count.


Do you have any stress tips to keep you sane for the holidays? Share them with us in the comments!

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