4 Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas for the Holidays


4 Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas for the Holidays

With the holidays just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about gifts for your friends and family. This year put some extra love into your presents with unique packaging. Brew a warm mug of chai, gather your arts and crafts materials and get wrapping with these ideas that might be even more memorable than the gifts themselves.


Waste Not
Look for items around the house to reuse, creating a DIY, handcrafted wrapping theme. Repurpose Sunday comic strips, old sheets of music, vintage wallpaper and outdated maps as holiday gift wrap. Make the daily newspaper look antique by staining it with Oregon Chai Tea Bags. Cut out illustrations from old magazines to make a collage for a handmade charm to accompany your gift. Recyle old pieces of cloth or fabric, like bandanas or silk scarves to wrap fragile gifts in, then use a hot glue gun to adorn them with old buttons.


Two Minds Are Better Than One: Host a gift-wrapping party with friends and neighbors. Ask everyone to bring whatever wrapping paper, arts and crafts they have lying around the house to share. Someone else’s old materials might seem fun and fresh to you. Plus you can always combine items for unusual results.



Two for One: Incorporate a gift into the wrapping itself when you use a hole puncher through the top of an Oregon Chai Powdered Packet and tie a ribbon through it (just take care not to punch through the contents of the package). Not only will your friend or family member have the gift itself, she’ll also be able to enjoy a mug of delicious tea later. You could also use heavy duty double-sided tape to adhere chocolate on the outside of the gift or place gifts in pretty boxes that can be reused as closet or desk organizers.



More Than Plain: Wrap all your presents with plain parcel paper or even inside-out paper bags from the grocery store, and then get creative with items found in everyday places. Spruce up the exterior of a package with nature from your own backyard, like pinecones, flowers, bark, sprigs of pine, leaves, twigs or feathers. All the stickers, glitter and stamps sitting at the bottom of your junk drawer can instantly transform a blank piece of wrapping paper. Or show your love by writing an original poem or haiku in cursive on the wrapping paper for a personalized touch.



Need a gift for one of these creative wrapping ideas? Try a Personalized Tumbler, Homemade Ornament or Great Book.


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