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Oregon Chai Tea Bags

Oregon Chai Tea Bags

For the tea traditionalist who likes to start with the steeping, Oregon Chai tea bags are an adventurous twist with a range of caffeine levels.

Sip it straight or sweet and creamy

These teas are very nice all on their own. Add a little milk and honey to our magical blend of spices and your tea just got amazing. Iced tea? Of course. Just prepare your hot tea “double strength” then pour over ice.

Three aptly named flavors

Choose your desired mood and select your tea. Oregon Chai offers our classic blend of black tea and spices and two herbal infusions, one for revving up and one for winding down. All made with premium, natural ingredients.

  • Oregon Chai The Original™
    Chai Tea Bags
    Oregon Chai The Original™
  • Oregon Chai Energia
    Chai Tea Bags
    Oregon Chai Energia
  • Oregon Chai Dreamscape
    Chai Tea Bags
    Oregon Chai Dreamscape
× Oregon Chai Oregon Chai
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