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Oregon Cafe Espresso Concentrates

Oregon Cafe Espresso Concentrates

With Oregon Cafe on hand, all it takes to fill your cup with a sweet, rich gourmet espresso latte any time you like is your favorite mug and some fresh milk or dairy substitute.

Mix them together then sit back (or hop in the car), sip, smile and start looking forward to your next affordably indulgent espresso latte. Because each carton of Oregon Cafe Espresso Concentrate makes eight delicious servings. Yes, eight!

Three easy steps

  1. 1 Pour 2 oz. of concentrate into a mug
  2. 2 Add 6 oz. of milk
  3. 3 Heat or pour over ice

Three enticing flavors

If you’ll pardon the pun, there’s a latte to love for everyone.

  • Oregon Cafe Vanilla Latte
    Espresso Concentrate
    Oregon Cafe Vanilla Latte
  • Oregon Cafe Mocha Latte
    Espresso Concentrate
    Oregon Cafe Mocha Latte
  • Oregon Cafe Caramel Latte
    Espresso Concentrate
    Oregon Cafe Caramel Latte
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